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Feature update

Simple and Easy Mob Creation

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Shared by Jess β€’ May 01, 2023

As part of the improvements to the mob platform we will be making this year, we've made some key changes to make it simple and easy to create mobs in AgriWebb πŸ™Œ

Changes to look out for:

  • Add mobs and assign to multiple paddocks, saving time on creation. This saves time particularly when setting up mobs with the same attributes (age class, age, breed) and allows producers to split them across paddocks in one record rather than multiple.
  • Date of birth is no longer required! Use year, month or day accuracy, or if you don't know the DOB of an older mob, there's no need to track! This enables accurate data entry removing the need to put an arbitrary DOB for a mob, particularly mixed age mobs. β€œDo not track” is only available for mature age class and helpful for mixed age mobs. Do not track option is also available for Individual Animal Management subscriptions across live session, import and single addition.
  • Add your mob purchase details at a later date. Producers can now mark a mob as purchased without requiring a detailed purchase record.

Remember to update to the latest version of the AgriWebb App to access new features.