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New feature

Customise AgriWebb with Single Species Selection

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Shared by Mark • June 06, 2023

Running only sheep or cattle and tired of seeing the multi species options? Now you can select the species you manage to tailor AgriWebb to your needs.

Changes to look out for:

  • Set your desired species (sheep or cattle) under Farm Settings.
  • When creating records, you'll only see a single species option, making record creation that much quicker!
  • Reporting becomes easier and more specific to your operation, removing distracting columns and options.
  • Insights into your data are easier to digest
  • If a species already exists on farm, it is locked as visible so that the historic data for that species remains available to you.

Please note, if you run both sheep and cattle, this setting will not be applicable.

Remember to update to the latest version of the AgriWebb App to access new features.