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August Product Updates

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Shared by Jess • September 04, 2023

Keep an eye out for these recent updates:

💰Report on harvest gross margin

Track your harvest costs and revenue via the Harvest Records Report on the Web App.

🚚 More details when transferring mobs

When transferring mobs between farms, share more transfer details such as age class, average weight, value and reference details.

🌾 Simpler paddock comparison

We heard that some of you are using paddock colour to indicate things such as grazing rotations or type. We have added paddock colour to the paddocks list on the Web App to help compare paddock performance for these groups of paddocks.

🧬 Track offspring count using parentage importer

When using the animal importer or updater to add parentage (dam and sire details), it now updates the Dam Performance report to show the accurate dam offspring count. This allows producers to track offspring without the need to add individual birth records.

*This is available for Individual Animal Management plans.

🐮 Track marbling score [AU & UK]

Marbling score can be imported when adding carcass data to your sale records as a 1-9 score. For more info on how to import carcass information, check out the help article here.

*This is available for Individual Animal Management plans.