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Product update

📱🚀 Redesign of live session animal information

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Shared by Stacey • November 28, 2023

We've made improvements to the information that is displayed for an animal during a live session crush or chute side.

Key Changes:

Key information found in the minimised header during a live session:

  • EID and VID both show during a live session (instead of only showing one)
  • Show multiple tag colours (replacing species icon)
  • Increase the number of labels during a live session from 1 (withholding), to 3 (added pregnancy status and off farm status).
  • Show breed, age class and age

Additional animal information that can be extended with the down arrow and will persist during a live session unless minimised:

  • Withholding # of days remaining
  • Date of birth and days on farm
  • Sire and Dam (if recorded on the animal)
  • Last location
  • Enterprise and Management Group (if recorded on the animal)

Things to note:

The pregnancy label and status will also now expire throughout the product after the following timeframes:

  • Cattle preg status expires if there is no birth recorded after 325 days
  • Sheep preg status expires if there is no birth recorded after 195 days

Management Group can now be utilised during a live session, for example producers can add animals into a 'cull' or 'sale' management group prior to a live session and then during a live session can use that information to take an action.

You can watch a quick video here:

*This is available for Individual Animal Management plans only.