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Cibolabs Total Standing Dry Matter and Forage Utilisation Record Updates 📱🌱

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Shared by Stacey • March 28, 2024

We've added more detailed insights and new records for pasture availability, powered by the Cibolabs integration.
Please note, these changes are mainly applicable for those in Australia who have the Cibolabs Integration connected via the AgriWebb Marketplace. Click here to connect or learn more.

What's Changed?

  • CIbolabs integration will now populate 'Total Standing Dry Matter' instead of 'Feed on Offer'.
  • A brand new pasture 'Utilisation' record that includes the ability to set a wastage percentage.
  • The existing ‘Minimum FOO’ record is now called the ‘Target Residual’ record.
  • A new section of insights on the 'Grazing' tab for paddocks.

How it Works?

Watch a video walkthrough or read the help article here.

For those who have the Cibolabs integration connected:

  • The Cibolabs data will populate the ‘Total Standing Dry Matter’, ‘Accuracy’ and ‘Date of Last Update’ fields.
  • You are able to input data for pasture ‘Utilisation’, ‘Wastage’, ‘Growth Rate’ and ‘Target Residual.'
  • AgriWebb now calculates the ‘Feed on Offer’ and ‘Available Feed on Offer’ based on the above inputs. Note that you can still enter a Feed on Offer (FOO) record, however the most recent data point from Cibolabs will override the manual entry.
  • AgriWebb will use the ‘Available Feed on Offer’ value for the 'Grazing Days Remaining' calculation.

For those who do not have the Cibolabs integration connected:

  • You are able to enter Feed on Offer, Growth Rate and Target Residual (formerly Minimum FOO), via records as normal.
  • The 'Grazing Days Remaining' calculation behaves as normal.
  • The pasture ‘Utilisation’ record will not be available.

For more information on pasture utilisation and insights in AgriWebb, please read on here.

How to access this update?

  1. Update your app to the latest version.
  2. Go to the farm map and click on any paddock see the updated summary and records.