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March product updates - movements on the web, mob records on the calendar and more!

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Shared by Jess • March 20, 2024

Below are the March AgriWebb updates!

📍 Drag and drop on the web app

Move your mobs from one or more paddocks on the web app via;

  • Drag and drop on the map
  • The livestock list 'add records' button
  • The paddock summary mobs tab

📅 Livestock records on the Calendar

Mob plans now have visibility into their mob records on the calendar. Check this out on the web app or update to the latest version to see records on the mobile app.

🏷 Individual tagging improvements

New tag types are available when tagging your individual livestock! Track more accurately, tagging procedures on farm, such as adding group tags for your herd or flock, and importing DNA IDs and breed society IDs.

Read more on Individual tagging updates here.

🏋️‍♂️ Labels on weights

IAM customers will now be able to add a label to the weight record or live session when recording a weight so they can better track key weight events like birth weights, weaning weights, induction weights and more. All weights will default to 'check weight' if no label is selected within the record.

💧 New Gallagher integration

Connect your Gallagher Satellite Liquid Monitoring system via the AgriWebb Marketplace.

This can monitor a range of liquid assets such as water, fertiliser and diesel. This integration is available across all regions.

🏛 Government Registrations on the mobile app (UK)

You no longer have to leave your submissions to the evening when you're back in from the paddock, simply submit via Menu > Livestock Movements > Government Registrations on the mobile app.

Update your mobile app to the latest version and login to your government body through the AgriWebb app to try this out.