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Tagging individuals - improvements!

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Shared by Jess • March 18, 2024

We've introduced some changes to simplify how you can tag your individuals during a live session, via import or individually.

An outline of these improvements:

  • Add multiple separate tags to better reflect tagging on farm. This simplifies the replace tag process.
  • New tag types including TSU Samples, Breed Society IDs and Herd/Flock tags which can be used for group identification. Please note that some tag types are only available on Performance plans.
  • Dynamic visualisation of tags
  • Bulk remove tags by type.

Process updates:

  • Importer - new animals: If multiple tags are used on your livestock, add these tags separately. This means when you go to replace a tag you can select the specific tag to remove or replace.
  • Import updater - existing animals: Continue mapping to an EID or VID for the existing animals and update these individuals with new tag types if needed.
  • Live session: Update your live session templates to utilise the new tag types as this won't happen automatically.
  • Data migration: To get the most out of these updates, we can transition your current tags across to the new tagging system. If you are interested in this, reach out to our support team (

Update your app to the latest version to access these changes on the mobile app.