Product Updates and News from the AgriWebb Team
Product update

August Product Updates

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Shared by Jess • September 04, 2023

Keep an eye out for these recent updates:

💰Report on harvest gross margin

Track your harvest costs and revenue via the Harvest Records Report on the Web App.

🚚 More details when transferring mobs

When transferring mobs between farms, share more transfer details such as age class, average weight, value and reference details.

🌾 Simpler paddock comparison

We heard that some of you are using paddock colour to indicate things such as grazing rotations or type. We have added paddock colour to the paddocks list on the Web App to help compare paddock performance for these groups of paddocks.

🧬 Track offspring count using parentage importer

When using the animal importer or updater to add parentage (dam and sire details), it now updates the Dam Performance report to show the accurate dam offspring count. This allows producers to track offspring without the need to add individual birth records.

*This is available for Individual Animal Management plans.

🐮 Track marbling score [AU & UK]

Marbling score can be imported when adding carcass data to your sale records as a 1-9 score. For more info on how to import carcass information, check out the help article here.

*This is available for Individual Animal Management plans.

Feature update

Advisor Access Update

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Shared by Stacey • July 18, 2023

🎉 The Advisor area of the web app has had a minor facelift and the main nav have been renamed to Connect.

📈 A new table enabling column sorting, grouping and export on the client farm list.

📉 A new organisation view has been added to monitor clients (their plans, start and end dates).

Note: This update is available for Advisor plan only.

Product update

Stay compliant - track treatment purchases

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Shared by Jess • July 18, 2023

We know complying with industry schemes and government regulations is a key driver for farm record keeping.

Keep track of your treatment purchase details! Record purchase date, arrival date, order number and supplier details to ensure you meet the necessary criteria needed for audits.


Manage your contacts

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Shared by Jess • July 10, 2023

Tired of looking up the same buyer details (PIC or CPH) every time you make a sale? Store your contacts such as buyers, suppliers/retailers, transporters, in AgriWebb to save you time when record keeping and keep your data up to date.

Keep track of your contacts in AgriWebb to:

  • Easily select when record keeping
  • Categorise contacts by “type” to ensure they show up in the right records e.g. add your traders as Vendors to ensure they show in the purchase record
  • Have contact information flow through to record reports for accurate reporting to meet compliance requirements

How to Get Started

Simply go to Account > Contact Management in the Web App to add in your current buyers, suppliers and other contact types so you can select them when creating sales or treatment records.

You can then create records and select these contacts OR add contacts on the go via both the Web and Mobile apps.

Contact Management is another tool to speed up your record keeping and enhance your data quality for better reporting.

New feature

Customise AgriWebb with Single Species Selection

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Shared by Mark • June 06, 2023

Running only sheep or cattle and tired of seeing the multi species options? Now you can select the species you manage to tailor AgriWebb to your needs.

Changes to look out for:

  • Set your desired species (sheep or cattle) under Farm Settings.
  • When creating records, you'll only see a single species option, making record creation that much quicker!
  • Reporting becomes easier and more specific to your operation, removing distracting columns and options.
  • Insights into your data are easier to digest
  • If a species already exists on farm, it is locked as visible so that the historic data for that species remains available to you.

Please note, if you run both sheep and cattle, this setting will not be applicable.

Remember to update to the latest version of the AgriWebb App to access new features.

Feature update

Adjust the sex of livestock with ease!

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Shared by Jess • June 02, 2023

You can now change the sex and age class of a mob between bulls and cattle, and rams and sheep without having to contact Customer Support.

Example: If you have a mob of lambs in AgriWebb that need to change to Ram lambs, you can easily do this on your end by editing the mob details and selecting ram lamb (or alternative) from the Age Class drop down.

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Feature update

Sale record dates update

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Shared by Jess • June 01, 2023

The Sale record has two dates:

  • Sale Departure Date (the date animals leave farm)
  • Sale Contract Date (the date the sale was made)

These dates can be the same or different. The Sale Departure Date will drive this record. This allows you to better track details against livestock after the sale is contracted and before they leave farm.

You can report on both these dates in your Sale Record Report and see the sale record in your mob or animal history. NOTE: You cannot set the sale departure date into the future at this time.

Remember to update to the latest version of the AgriWebb App to access new features.

Feature update

Bulk update Animal Load (DSE, LSU, AE, AU) on Mobile and record Recounts on the Web App!

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Shared by Jess • June 01, 2023

As part of the improvements to the mob platform we will be making this year, we've made some changes to the Animal Load record (DSE, LSU, AE, AU etc.) and the Recount record.

Animal Load record improvements:

  • Bulk update DSE on the mobile to save time
  • Backdate DSE records to accurately track changes to stocking load (web and mobile)

Recount record improvements:

  • Recount record on the Web App
  • Bulk recount mobs to save time
  • Backdate recount records on web and mobile to accurately reflect numbers in the stock rec

Remember to update to the latest version of the AgriWebb App to access new features.

Feature update

Simple and Easy Mob Creation

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Shared by Jess • May 01, 2023

As part of the improvements to the mob platform we will be making this year, we've made some key changes to make it simple and easy to create mobs in AgriWebb 🙌

Changes to look out for:

  • Add mobs and assign to multiple paddocks, saving time on creation. This saves time particularly when setting up mobs with the same attributes (age class, age, breed) and allows producers to split them across paddocks in one record rather than multiple.
  • Date of birth is no longer required! Use year, month or day accuracy, or if you don't know the DOB of an older mob, there's no need to track! This enables accurate data entry removing the need to put an arbitrary DOB for a mob, particularly mixed age mobs. “Do not track” is only available for mature age class and helpful for mixed age mobs. Do not track option is also available for Individual Animal Management subscriptions across live session, import and single addition.
  • Add your mob purchase details at a later date. Producers can now mark a mob as purchased without requiring a detailed purchase record.

Remember to update to the latest version of the AgriWebb App to access new features.

New product

The AgriWebb Marketplace is live!

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Shared by Campbell • March 20, 2023

All your data, all in one place 📱

Forget multiple logins and data platforms, you can now connect your existing tools or find new ones to help you improve farm management.

Measure Less, Manage More

Uncover deeper, more actionable insights by automating the collection of data points that matter most to your business.

Make collaboration even easier

A better way to access all of your favourite tools and discover new ones that will help you and your team achieve farm goals.

Popular Integrations include:

  • Water Management
  • Pasture Management
  • Animal EID tracking and hardware

Plus, Implementation Services from the AgriWebb team to make setup and adoption of AgriWebb smooth sailing.