Product Updates and News from the AgriWebb Team
New product

The AgriWebb Marketplace is live!

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Shared by Campbell • March 20, 2023

All your data, all in one place 📱

Forget multiple logins and data platforms, you can now connect your existing tools or find new ones to help you improve farm management.

Measure Less, Manage More

Uncover deeper, more actionable insights by automating the collection of data points that matter most to your business.

Make collaboration even easier

A better way to access all of your favourite tools and discover new ones that will help you and your team achieve farm goals.

Popular Integrations include:

  • Water Management
  • Pasture Management
  • Animal EID tracking and hardware

Plus, Implementation Services from the AgriWebb team to make setup and adoption of AgriWebb smooth sailing.

Mobile App
Web App

Welcome to the new Calendar! 📆

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Shared by Jess • February 01, 2023

We are excited to announce the launch of the new Calendar 🎉

Available on both web and mobile, this is a tool to visualise and manage your livestock records, tasks, farm notes and rainfall all in one place!

  • Create a task, livestock record, farm note or rainfall record by clicking 'Create'.
  • Click on a specific day to create a livestock record straight away*
  • A new way to visualise your daily tasks.
  • Filter your calendar by users, record type or farm event to find what you are looking for faster.

*Livestock records coming soon to Mob Management.

Feature update

Reporting Improvements

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Shared by Jess • December 23, 2022

Its time to extract those meaningful insights nice and easily!

Report Summaries

Understand your AgriWebb reports at-a-glance with new report summaries. Available for death, purchases & sales, feed and livestock reconciliation reports, these summaries turn your data into visual snippets that help you quickly find the info you’re looking for and make even faster decisions.

Now, a high-level view of what’s happening on the farm is always available whether or not you have time to dive into the details.

Record event straight from reports

Create records directly from reports if you notice your data is out of date. For all record reports, you will now see a green “Record” button which takes the user to the corresponding record form.

Weight and condition score insights [Individual only]

Gain visibility into your over and under performers via a live session summary of weight and condition. You can access these insights at the end of your live session or later through the livestock activity on the web or mobile apps!

Mobile App

Mobile App Improvements

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Shared by Jess • November 25, 2022

🗺 New map view with just paddock outlines. Infrastructure planning has never been easier!

🏗 AgriWebb remembers your map filter for your next session... less clicks all round.

🏷 Select Management Tag when marking or weaning mobs. Keep track of all your mobs as they move back out into the paddock.

⚖️ Daily live weight gains are now available on the individual animal card. Even more data at your fingertips!

🐮 Strategies for streamlined live sessions. Simpler live sessions using abbreviated management groups.

New feature

NEW fertility reporting and insights are now live!

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Shared by Jess • September 28, 2022

Dam Performance report

An easier way to keep track of your breeders and how they are performing. This report brings together all breeding and reproduction data into one simple view.

Offspring at a glance

See individual calves or lambs right from the dam’s animal card on the mobile or web app

Feature update

Updates to Inducting Animals!

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Shared by Jess • September 06, 2022

Inducting animals on farm soon?

Check out the latest updates to the live session setup and CSV importer to make induction quicker and more accurate.

Live Session (mobile app):

  • Add Animals by age class for easier auto-ageing
  • Multi age class and breed options
  • Date of birth accuracy that suits you

To access, make sure you are on the latest AgriWebb app version!

Import Animals (web app):

  • Import Animals by age class for easier auto-ageing
  • Choose a date of birth accuracy that suits you, day, month or year
  • Plus, lots of tweaks to make it simpler to map your CSV file using the Animal Importer